001 - Goblin Attack!

Game Date 1/01/1893TA

Dungeon Master: It is the night of New Years. Griffinport is celebrating the first day of Spring. The New Years Parade has passed, and fireworks are going off over the harbor. Laughter and singing can be heard in the streets.

Cornelius Chance: An ifrit dressed unlike most others sits in a corner of the tavern. His coat,and scarf would be risking heat stroke for a member of any other race and a battered cowboy hat sits atop his head with a massive pair of horns rising from it

Cornelius Chance: He is looking around as if expecting someone

Leigh M.: Carl, after being shown backstage by the owner Cecily, watched the current act for a bit before moving to the bar for lager and stew.
(He’s conversing with the barman, also an owner. He’s a nice chap.)

Pezzack: A tengu sits in the corner sipping a glass of wine while smiling and occasionally laughing at a book he is reading. The long, curved blade at his hip is the only thing that stands out about him.

Dungeon Master: The Nine Hippogriffs is full of people enjoying their signature spicy stew and lager. The musician on stage plays a light melody that fades into the background of chatter and glasses clinking.
As the sun sets, the sounds of fireworks grow closer as people revel in their celebrations.

Dungeon Master: The door of the tavern slams open, and a young boy rushes in. From the open door, the sounds of celebration seem to have turned sinister.
The boy turns to the innkeeper, a look of fear on his face.

Wesley Rogers: Mr. Blake! Come quick! They’ve got Pa!

Dungeon Master: The music stops and you can hear screams from outside.

Cornelius Chance: Stands up and moves to the boy.
Whats going on?

Dungeon Master: The innkeeper moves from behind the bar to comfort the boy.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Stands up to watch, quiet but interested.

Wesley Rogers: There’s goblins! They’re trying to get in the warehouse!

Pezzack: Tucks his book under his coat and watches the scene, ready to act if he must.

Wesley Rogers: Someone help! They’ve got my dad! They’re gonna kill him if he doesn’t let them in!

Cornelius Chance: Damn useless guard
Anyone here helpful in a fight?
draws a pistol

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: I’m a fair enough shot with my bow.

Pezzack: At the mention of goblins my ears perk up and I move towards the door.

Wesley Rogers: I’ll show you where, but there’s goblins everywhere!

Dungeon Master: The boy looks out the door, screams, and slams it shut.

Cornelius Chance: Stay here. We’ll take care of it.

Wesley Rogers: I ain’t going first.

Pezzack: Draws his scimitar and follows the ifrit.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Grabs his bow, heavy mace at his side, and follows the two.

Cornelius Chance: Kicks the door open pistol drawn

Dungeon Master: As you leave the tavern, you see three goblins near the door.
Screams and smoke fill the air.

Dungeon Master: Carts have been wrecked together and set on fire.
Some people flee the scene, while others attempt to fight.
You can hear various fights from your location, but there are no guards in sight.
Roll for initiative.

Cornelius Chance: Careful they are quick little blighters

Dungeon Master: At the sight of an open door, the first goblin grins widely and throws in a lit torch.

Dungeon Master: The torch does not hit anyone, but rolls towards a table and burns on the floor.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Then Carl grabs the torch to throw it back at the rude goblin.

Dungeon Master: In an attempt to avoid setting the child on fire, Carl flings the torch back outside where it goes out.

Pezzack: Moves forward to face the goblin
and attacks
Pezzack swings his scimitar

Dungeon Master: The goblin laughs evilly as it jumps over Pezzack’s swing.
Goblin: The goblin jabs with a short spear.
Dungeon Master: Pezzack loses a few feathers but is otherwise unharmed.

Cornelius Chance: Chance step out pistol in hand and smirk on his face
Spending some of his grit he goes for and up close and deadly shot on the goblin nearest the cart
Shot with Pepperbox
Cornelius Chance: and recovers the grit he spend

Dungeon Master: Chance’s shot hits the goblin center mass, killing it instantly.

Dungeon Master: The goblin in front of Pezzack pulls out a club, provoking an attack of opportunity.

Mark M.: Pezzack swings his scimitar

GM Alecia (GM): The goblin swings it’s club.

Dungeon Master: Pezzack manages to poke the goblin in the arm, throwing off it’s swing.

Leigh M.: It’s dangerous, but my mace is still at my belt. I’m gonna do a Point Blank at that first little goblin.

Leigh M.: Fire Shortbow

Dungeon Master: Carl’s arrow flies over the heads of both goblins and down the lane.

Mark M.: Pezzack swings his scimitar

Dungeon Master: Pezzack swings his scimitar, neatly slicing off the goblin’s head. It falls dead at his feet, the head rolling a short distance away.
The remaining goblin shrieks in rage and thrusts its spear at Pezzack.
The goblin jabs with a short spear.
The goblin looks at his hands in disbelief as his spear breaks in half.

Cornelius Chance: up close and deadly again
Shot with Pepperbox
Chance places the muzzle of the gun against the goblins chest and it slumps over

Dungeon Master: As the last goblin slumps over, the boy points out the doorway.

Wesley Rogers: It’s just down that alleyway. Please hurry!

Cornelius Chance: hurries towards the ally as the boy says
remembers to realod

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Draws mace and takes to Chance’s right.

Cornelius Chance: Chance takes off a glove holding his hand up to shed light from a tattoo there
and proceeds down the alley

Pezzack: moves farther down the alley

Dungeon Master: As Pezzack reaches the cross in the alley, goblins rush out.
Roll for initiative.
Dungeon Master: Chance hears the goblins on his way down the alley and manages to get a shot off before they can act.

Cornelius Chance: up close and deadly once again
Dungeon Master: The first goblin falls as it begins to raise a club.
A goblin wielding a torch raises up and waves it under Pezzack’s beak.
The goblin waves its torch menacingly.
The goblin hits Pezzack in the chest with its torch!
The ends of Pezzack’s feathers singe from the fire.

Pezzack: Damned goblins, back to hell with you!
Pezzack swings his scimitar

Dungeon Master: A powerful blow from Pezzack’s scimitar is enough to put the goblin on his last legs.

Green energy surges to Pezzack’s hand

Dungeon Master: Acid flies out from Pezzack’s hand, but the goblin ducks under it.
Another goblin approaches Pezzack.
The goblin swings it’s club.

In a rage, his club goes wide.

Dungeon Master: The remaining goblin starts singing, and seems to inspire the others to greater feats of strength.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Then Carl moves in and all up and smashes the goblin nearest Pezzack.
With his mace.
Swing Heavy Mace
Dungeon Master: Carl’s begins to swing his mace overhand, but hits the edge of the building beside him.

Cornelius Chance: chance toys with his gun a moment before remarking how he prefers the classics then shots the goblin singing
up close and deadly again
Shot with Pepperbox

Dungeon Master: The shot goes wide and lodges into the side of the building.
The burn from the black powder does singe the goblin.
The goblin with the torch notices Chance’s glow and runs up to hit him.

GM Alecia (GM): Pezzack gets an AoO

Mark M.: Pezzack swings his scimitar

.Dungeon Master: The goblin runs through Pezzack’s scimitar and falls dead.

Pezzack: Crackling lightning gathers around Pezzack’s hand as he swings at the goblins
Pezzack swings his scimitar

Dungeon Master: The goblin manages to sidestep your attack.
And retaliates with a swing of its club.
The goblin swings it’s club.

Dungeon Master: Unsuccessfully.

Dungeon Master: Pezzack electrocutes the goblin.
The singing goblin chants rhythmically, and casts a spell at Chance.
Chance, give me a will save.
Dungeon Master: The spell seems to have no effect.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: So Carl tries again, this time, hopefully being mindful of his height in relation to ruddy buildings.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Swing Heavy Mace
Dungeon Master: The goblin ducks under Carl’s mace.

Alex: move action
as part of that i draw my longsword

Cornelius Chance: and then I attack with my pistol
Shot with Pepperbox
Dungeon Master: The goblin’s eyes widen in surprise as it falls dead at Chance’s feet.

Mark M.: He grins at the last remaining goblin and swings

Pezzack: Pezzack swings his scimitar
Dungeon Master: Pezzack’s blow is just enough to collapse the final goblin.

Cornelius Chance: reloads

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Is anyone hurt? I can cure light wounds.

Pezzack: Has a pained look on his face.
I could use it. One struck me a good blow.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Just a moment then.
Cast Cure Light Wounds
Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: I’m Carl, by the by.

Cornelius Chance: Hmm thats helpful. You can call me Chance

Dungeon Master: Carl’s healing spell completely cures Pezzack’s wounds. Even the singed feathers fluff back out to their normal appearance.

Pezzack: Pezzack, at your service.

Dungeon Master: The boy suddenly runs down the alleyway, with yells at his heels.

Cornelius Chance: Dammit child i told you to stay in the inn

Wesley Rogers: Mr Blake’s trying to put out a fire, the warehouse is this one!

I’m not going back. Please help my dad.

Cornelius Chance: lets go

Dungeon Master: The boy points down the alley.

Dungeon Master: As you exit the alley, you see four goblins to your right, one mounted on what looks to be a giant rat.
A hooded figure stands behind a man as he opens the lock of the warehouse with shaking hands.
As soon as the door opens, the hooded figure clubs the man in the head and walks inside.
The boy rushes to the man’s side.

Wesley Rogers: Dad!

Pezzack: Get back here! They’ll kill you!

Wesley Rogers: Dad! Dad! Wake up!

Cornelius Chance: This is why I hate kids
Glad i was only one for 60 years

Dungeon Master: The first goblin to notice you rushes up but does not manage to attack.

Cornelius Chance: steps and fires with up close and deadly
Shot with Pepperbox
Dungeon Master: The goblin falls to Chance’s attack.

Pezzack: casts colour spray

Dungeon Master: Pezzack’s spell hits both the goblin and it’s mount. They both slump into unconsciousness.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Carl moves and casts Sleep.
Dungeon Master: Both remaining goblins fall asleep.

[Leigh M.: (Sweet. But does that mean we have to slay them right now? I mean, they are asleep, and that guy in the corner is probably really hurt.)

Alex: your sleep won’t actually last long enough for us to tie them up
we could knock them out

Mark M.: We could kill the dog and tie up the goblin

Alex: you will have to do subdual dmg to the goblins
so over the course of the next minute we coup de grace the dog. do subdual dmg to the remaining goblins then tie them up
Carl can tend to the man
I have no ability to heal

Mark M.: Agreed

Leigh M.: Sounds disgraceful, but the man does need help.]

Dungeon Master: As you deal with the goblins, you can still see people running, and hear the sounds of battle, but they seem to be dying off.

Wesley Rogers: Please help my dad!

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: I’ll try, boy. He was hit hard.

Dungeon Master: Carl checks the man over and learns that he is not in immediate danger. The blow to the head was only enough to knock him out.
He will come to on his own with rest.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: He’s bruised and a little battered, but he’ll be fine if you get him home. Let him rest, but wake him every few hours to check his eyes.
Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: If the blacks of his eyes are dissimilar sizes, get a healer.

Pezzack: The battle is dying down right? We could just let the guard deal with this. We’ve done more than enough already.

Cornelius Chance: Carl watch over him and the boy and our captives im going after whoever that was

Wesley Rogers: Thanks, mister dwarf.

Pezzack: This is a really good book, too..
Never got the chance to finish it.
I don’t suppose I can leave you now.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Hmmph. Someone has to do it. I’ll stay. But don’t be afraid to shout!

Dungeon Master: Chance and Pezzack enter the warehouse. It seems to be in disarray.
But the hooded figure is nowhere to be seen.
Pezzack: I’ve got eyes like a hawk.

Cornelius Chance: I have eyes that burn though to see the truth

Dungeon Master: The two of you search the warehouse thoroughly, but the hooded figure seems to have vanished.
A dwarf appears at the end of the alley.

Pezzack: Casts detect magic.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Are you searching for something? There’s been fighting here.

Dungeon Master: Pezzack senses a strong aura of illusion, but it seems to have been and gone.
The dwarf woman is holding three buckets by their handles in her left hand, and a blood-covered rolling pin in her right.

Sisna Dunaddrum: Is Wally alright?

Sisna Dunaddrum: Lewis has started a bucket brigade.

Cornelius Chance: Nothing here as far as i can tell

Dungeon Master: The dwarf hands off her buckets to Carl and goes to check on the boy and unconscious man.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Carl follows a step behind and whispers to the boy if he knows the woman.

Wesley Rogers: Ms Sisna! They said pa was okay.

Sisna Dunaddrum: I’ll take care of these two. You boys go help with the fires.

Cornelius Chance: Sees the buckets and says the buildings on fire and its not my fault
and starts putting out fires

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: A bucket for each of us.
Let’s get to work.

Dungeon Master: The dwarf picks up the unconscious man and tosses him over her shoulder. They enter the warehouse, with the boy following.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: First step! Where’s the water?
Pezzack: I help
Cornelius Chance: Chance smothers the fire with his bare hands but focuses on the local area to watch the goblin captives

Dungeon Master: As the sounds of battle dies down, people emerge from buildings carrying buckets.

Cornelius Chance: he will turn them over to the guard though if they ever get here

Dungeon Master: They easily form lines from the well behind The Nine Hippogriffs, as if they have done this before.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Oh, I do hope the Hippogriffs isn’t too badly hurt. They are going to pay me eventually.

Dungeon Master: As the night goes on, a few more fireworks are loosed, but those standing on the street seem to jump instead of enjoying them.
Once the goblin bodies are stacked up and put in a (slightly charred) cart, Lewis Blake, the owner of the Nine Hippogriffs, hands out mugs of ale to those who helped in the bucket brigade.
Sisna Dunaddrum hands out pastries from her bakery, The Queen of Tarts.

Cornelius Chance: mmmm Doughnuts

Dungeon Master: Guards collect your captives and haul them off to the nearest watch house.

Cornelius Chance: I’ll need a reciept

Dungeon Master: The guards scowl and say they don’t give receipts for vermin.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: (And who, precisely, is the vermin.)
(Rude guardsfolk.)

Dungeon Master: After a while, the owner of the Warehouse approaches with his son.

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: I hear you lads rescued me and kept my boy alive. If the three of you ever need anything, just let us know.

Lewis Blake: Aye, anything at all.

Sisna Dunaddrum: That goes for me as well.

Dungeon Master: Wally, Lewis and Sisna formally introduce themselves, as well as Wally’s son Wesley.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Carl introduces himself with all names and the names of his parents to boot.
He was just doing what needed to be done.
But he would like another beer.

[Leigh M.: The goblins were pretty interesting as well. A nice distraction, if someone wanted to break into somewhere.
A noisy distraction, at that.
And wouldn’t all the fire just alert people?]

Pezzack: Do you know the man who knocked you unconscious?

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: If they were a man.

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: I never saw his face, no. He talked funny, though. Said something in that monster talk. Never heard anyone actually speak that.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Monster talk?

Cornelius Chance: The same language the warchanter was singing in I would expect

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: Goblin speak.
The fella said if I let him in the warehouse he wouldn’t kill my boy.

Cornelius Chance: Odd. and Pezzack said something of someone spell casting. Why would anyone that powerful need to get in your warehouse?

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: That’s when Wes kicked him and ran off.
I have no idea. The three of us (he motions to himself, Sisna and Lewis) just bought the place from an auction three weeks ago. Last owner went missing and it got sold for not paying rent.
I’d just finished taking inventory of the first room. We were planning on selling the lot of it out to the next ship going to the mainland.
It’s all just a bunch of dusty junk so far, so’s I don’t expect we’ll get much.

Cornelius Chance: hmm how did you know there was spelling casting there Pezzack?

Pezzack: There was a faint lingering aura in the room.

Cornelius Chance: just the one?

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Wally, did you manage to sell any of that stock yet?

Pezzack: There was just the one and the aura was strong

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: Not yet. We were hoping to unload it all at once on a ship.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: So you already had a ship contracted to take it?

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: No, I was going to do it after the inventory was complete.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Ah. So you weren’t completely sure of the entirety of the warehouse contents.
I don’t suppose you might have told anyone in passing that you were selling?
Or that you had bought the warehouse.

Lewis Blake: We did a special to raise money for it.

Cornelius Chance: and the auction was likely public as well I assume?

Lewis Blake: M’wife and I had a huge pot o’stew out here. Sisna brought out all her breads and such like.
Sisna Dunaddrum: We had quite a bit pooled, but we needed just a bit more to make sure we weren’t outbid.
The courthouse was the one who held the auction.
Anyone can go to the things, but you best be careful or you’ll go to scratch and wind up with a bakery.

[Alex: …did the dwarf just imply she accidently bought a bakery?

GM Alecia (GM): She did have blood all over her rolling pin.]

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Your baking is excellent, madam. It was a twist of fate.
It reminds me of home.
But for that warehouse, were there many bidders?

Sisna Dunaddrum: You flatterer! Come by tomorrow and I’ll make you a whole pie.

Lewis Blake: It seems like half the district was there. Plots are hard to come by, and buildings go quickly when they open up.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Then you must have done well to outbid them all!

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: But the last owner, who stopped paying his rent – do you think he’ll ever try coming back and taking his stock?

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: Those two make good money from their shops. Me and Wes just got our weregild from the League for his mum, so we thought it’d be a good investment.

Sisna Dunaddrum: Mr. Taleth was an adventurer. Always coming and going. Probably lost to the jungle. He wouldn’t be the first.

Pezzack: So you don’t know why someone would want to break into your warehouse?

Sisna Dunaddrum: No idea. It didn’t even look like they disturbed anything when I went in.

Pezzack: Perhaps they were just escaping and there is no story here.

Wesley Rogers: Ms. Sisna, that box was gone.

Sisna Dunaddrum: Box?

Wesley Rogers: The heavy one we couldn’t open.
Pa’d moved it to the other room to have a look at after he finished inventory.
I’d been trying to open it to surprise him.
It’s not there anymore.

Cornelius Chance: So someone using magic and possibly working with goblins broke in and stole a thing that couldn’t be opened?
Cornelius Chance: There are dark forces at work here my friends

(To Pezzack): Through your study of magic, you know that auras can be suppressed by sheets of lead.

Pezzack: The boy said the box was very heavy, it could have been a lead box used to suppress an aura given off by a magical item.

Cornelius Chance: It’s hard to say
But the clues do point to someone powerful working with the goblins
how to find this person seems beyond my means though
These people are safe and thats what matters for now

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: (They are now, but for how long?)

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: (Quite an answer, and I’ve got quite the curiosity as to why otherwise good-seeming folk have been targeted in this manner, but in truth, there does not seem to be much of a lead to pursue.)
(What else might that warehouse be hiding?)
(And who else would want it.)

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: I’d better be getting my boy to bed. His mum’ll haunt us for sure if he’s not asleep in time.

Wesley Rogers: You don’t think our house burned down, do you?

Wallace “Wally” Rogers: I’m sure it’s alright.

Sisna Dunaddrum: Come on, then. I’ll walk you boys home.

Lewis Blake: We all owe you boys. Tell you what, come by tomorrow and we’ll have something for you. Sisna already promised a pie.

Cornelius Chance: Well if there’s pie involved how can we say no?

Lewis Blake: (He nods at Carl) Plus, I don’t think my daughter was quite finished with you.

Carl Nitvoch-Ingoleck: Yes, we did have a deal to strike, and your stew to finish.
(It really is excellent. I recommend the two of you try it. Might lift those dour looks.)

Pezzack: This is just my face. It is the beak.

Cornelius Chance: I tried it. Could use more pepper

Lewis Blake: (Laughs) You would say that. It’s enough to set anyone else on fire.
Don’t like my wife hear you, though, she might follow you up on it and then we’d be out of business.

Cornelius Chance: nah I’d just bring the boys down from the Burn crew barracks. though youd have to reinvest into some stone tables
its late though its time to head back
Lewis Blake: Warn us in advance and I’ll make sure Raina ups the spice a bit.
Make sure you fellows come by together tomorrow.

Cornelius Chance: together? I work tomorrow. Are you guys free about 4?

Pezzack: I’ll be there if the wine is as good as it was tonight.
Lewis Blake: (Laughs) I only have good wine here.

Cornelius Chance: then tomorrow
Dungeon Master: And thus our brave adventurers came together and saved the livelihoods of a group of strangers.

GM Alecia (GM): Great job, guys!

Exp reward: 550

001 - Goblin Attack!

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