The Griffinport Registry

When sailing into Griffinport, the first thing newcomers will see is the extensive docks built into the bay. At the center of those docks lies The Roost, a gigantic red building through which all commerce flows into the city. In this building, all cargo is inspected and distributed to various warehouses, while newcomers are entered into the Registry.

Ten city clerks await your arrival at the main desk of The Roost, each equipped with a gleaming silver scalpel and a copy of the Griffinport Ledger. All those coming into the city, even those just passing through, must be entered into the Registry before they are permitted to enter the city.

The pad of a newcomer’s thumb is pricked just enough to draw a single drop of blood, then pressed to the enchanted page of the Ledger. This thumb print is in effect an Arcane Mark, allowing even non-magic users to create a magical signature. Entrants are requested to sign below the print in case of legal disputes, but this is not required.


At the end of the day, Ledgers are escorted to the Town Hall, where their contents are secured in the official Griffinport Registry.

The Registry provides two vital functions to the city of Griffinport. First, it allows an accurate population count, which ensures the city infrastructure is kept up to the steady stream of bodies entering its walls. Perhaps most importantly, the Registry is a means to safeguard those brave adventurers entering the jungle. As the marks are tied to the owner’s life force, family and friends can rest easy knowing that as long as the mark belonging to their loved one still glows, they are still alive.

Those seeking to check on the status of a mark in the Registry are asked to make an appointment with Riur Bazadul at the Town Hall between the hours of 10am to 1pm.

The Griffinport Registry

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